Executive Office


Design: Luca Scacchetti

This collection of office furniture is inspired by and named after Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 17th century sculptor, architect and painter, the very symbol of Italian Baroque, he who “when portraying did not wish his client to keep still, but to move and speak …”.
His art has inspired the levity, elegance and idea behind the design of this series: a framework of simple geometric lines and rounded surfaces, a continuous game of voids and solid spaces.
The name is even more justified when linked to this project featuring joints and grafts between the surfaces by means of a sort of multifoil cross reminiscent of the “pylons”, pillars and typical architectural reliefs of our artist, inevitably reduced by reasoning, rationality, production and marketing aspects. The motion conveyed by successions of convex and concave shapes in some way inspires a leg/hinge/connection, which although subsequently simplified maintains relevance and is the key element of this collection.